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Adventure Field™

The original Adventure Field™ from 2008 with grammar corrections and new scripts!

After Adventure Field™ 3 got on itch and steam, people asked me where was the first and second chapter of the franchise. They where not downloadable due to horrible grammar and multiple bugs. I fixed the grammar the best i could. ( Only typo, not phrase structure and all... )

  • A new battle script as been integrated to the game ( Zoom in battle, 3D arrow, Icons )...
  • There 2 new quality of life option to the game : Fast Battle & Random Encounter Off...
  • You can now play with a controller just like AF3, customization are  in the options!
  • I ported some of AF3 scripts into it to improve the overall experience...
  • Major balance edit to the game and heal crystal in dungeons...
  • Sara stays with you for all of the game like in the 3D Remaster version...
  • Surely some other stuff i forgot to mention...
    All i want is all of you be indulgent and only play having in mind that this was my first attempt to a video game ever in 2008 with RPG Maker XP...

    I hope you guys have fun!


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Hello there! At the first dungeon, can't seem to get past the spikes to fight the boss. Is that a bug or did I miss something?

Hi! If we talk about the first game there is a switch you need to press in order to deactivate the spikes. For the second game you got a pair or keys so you still have one key left to use when backtracking at the beginning  of the dungeon. If you ever get stuck i made a letsplay of the 2 games on my second youtube channel.

Af : https://youtu.be/ug8xIqYDqic

Af2 : https://youtu.be/rxNmCXt7Fy0

Hope it help! :D

Awesome, thanks!